Our Carbon and Sustainability Efforts are on going.

August 3, 2017 4:42 pm

Stalkmarket, since its inception, has always had as one its tenets to its own existence, the belief that not only were our products to be something better for society and cultures,  but also the sustainability of the planet in general.

In essence, our focus on this is obviously the “long game” in its outlook and we continue on that path.   As an example, we have dedicated an entire web page to carbon reducing methods we require from our logistics partners.  Things that make reduced carbon and environmental sustainability and/or reduction real and comprehensive.  Not just statements of focus, but real actions of “walking the walk”.   We are proud that we were the 2nd organization in the USA, to ever gain certification for one of our product processes carbon footprint from the world renown, Carbon Trust, being only behind one of Coca-Cola’s products who was first.

To this day our efforts continue.  Such as our on-going collaboration with UPS, where last year we mitigated 5.62 metric tonnes of CO2e with them into projects that created a carbon neutral process.   In addition,  our efforts with our logistics (and other) vendors are on going, and with little steps here and there, and overtime, one eventually sees giant steps in ever greater sustainability.   In the example below, at our main warehouse, you can clearly see how one of our partners is lowering their impact by using lighter, but stronger steel, reducing weights which result in lower carbon use to move the trailer… Also not stopping there, the use is highly sustainable and renewable bamboo for flooring eliminating the need to use declining reserves of Northern or Tropical hardwoods, helping to eliminate deforestation.   Small steps to be sure on a individual basis, or unit basis, but when one looks at those efforts in the aggregate, good things happen and are happening.   Let’s hope these sorts of on going efforts will continue and we can lead our leaders in the correct direction for future generations.