Being a good community citizen is part of our business values.

Stalkmarket and our corporate parent Asean Corporation share the philosophy that we have a moral imperative to assist fellow citizens and neighbors. We therefore contribute locally, not only as a business community partner, but also on an individual level as our staff members also choose groups to assist.

Much of our long-term support has gone to Portland, Oregon area organizations that are themselves tremendous community assets, reaching out to others and helping the underprivileged. Their approach to sustainability shows that recycling can be much more than we typically think it is. If a human or animal life can be saved from abuse, whether it be malnutrition, hunger, or even death, then that life has been “recycled” and saved.

All of the organzations below are actively engaged in various forms of recycling. We ask that you take your own look the organizations by clicking on the photos below and see what they do best.


Stalkmarket supports these and other organizations with both in-kind donations and financial grants as part of our corporate community assistance program.

Is your organization a good fit for our assistance program?

If your organization would like to apply for an in-kind product donation or cash grant, you are welcome to mail your request along with the following documents:

A) Letter from the IRS stating confirmation of your 501(c)3 non-profit status.
B) Outline of the organization’s reason for being. What do you do? Who do you assist?
C) General breakdown, by percentage, of revenues used for operational overhead in relation to actual work done. That is, for every dollar received, how much is overhead and how much is used for the stated purpose?
D) Details of the desired purpose and use for the request. Be specific.

Mail to:
Asean Corporation (Stalkmarket brands)
Donations Committee
16540 SW 72nd Avenue, Building 7
Portland, Oregon, 97224

Please note: Phone, email, or fax requests will not be accepted and you will not be considered for any donations. We accept only requests delivered by US Mail. We do not guarantee we will be able to lend any support to anyone, at any time, and decisions of our Donations Committee are final.