Are you ready for the Eclipse of 2017 ?????

August 14, 2017 2:03 pm

In one of those once in a lifetime or several lifetime events, the Stalkmarket World Headquarters is virtually in the full shadow of the August 21, 2017 total eclipse of the Sun..  Whereas we only need to walk a few feet out the door of our offices to view the entire celestial show, visitors from around the world are pouring into Oregon to watch this unprecedented event.   Over one million extra visitors to the state are predicted to arrive to take part in the festivities and activities surrounding the weekend of the eclipse.   Car Rental agencies are out of cars and canceling reservations,  budget motels (if they have a room) are going for North of USD $550.00 per night (Don’t even think what a classy place is going for),  with public authorities warning of possible road gridlock etc.   In fact, they are warning that cell phone systems may bog down due to high usage,  restaurants will run out of food, despire ordering in heavy supplies in anticipation, and that credit/debit card systems may also freeze up from the surge in use…

Now, we all remember the hype and some hysteria leading up to the Y2K event on Jan/1/2000 as the  millennia was upon us, and not much if anything really did happen.   So, we all will wait and see what comes of it.   However, there are some tips to follow, and the most important, that if you are lucky enough to be located where you can see the full eclipse, to make sure you have the proper eye wear to watch it.   Regular sunglasses just will not work and could lead to permanent eye damage.  In the photo here,  one of our human resource staff (Bre Elliott) is modeling an example of the proper glasses which are available from the organization “Travel Oregon” .