Above & Beyond

Our Stalk Market compostable products meet or exceed ASTM 6400/6868 standards and are certified by global leaders like BPI, Din Certo, and Ok Compost. Additionally, all our compostable products meet or exceed USDA BioPreferred requirements for using natural plant materials.


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Brands You Can Trust

Our brands include Stalk Market, Planet+, Jaya, and Wasara.

StalkMarket logo

Stalk Market, our premium, heavy-weight tableware solution, is the most functional line of plant fiber products in the market today.

Planet+ logo

Planet+ provides high-performance, fully compostable hot cups, cold cups, and food containers.

Jaya logo

Jaya uses plant-based biopolymers to provide clear deli and takeout containers in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit your needs. Additionally, Jaya uses crystallized PLA to create heavy-weight, strong cutlery.

Wasara logo

Wasara is a unique, award-winning design that adds a touch of elegance and beauty to any event.